“Indie Monastery” is the creative musical brainchild effort between film composer Marcello De Francisci and female Persian singer Bahar Shah. This first official release titled “One Big World” took about a year to conceptualize, record, and produce. A truly contemporary “World” album with rhythms and performances inspired by the music of Andalusia-Spain, the Middle East, South America and Asia. Some of the songs contain lyrics by a 13th century Sufi poet better known as “Rumi”. Bahar Shah sang on seven tracks on the album and Marcello De Francisci performed all of the music including guitars; Middle Eastern stringed instruments, percussion, synths, furthermore mixed, produced and mastered the work at 10,000 Watts of Iron Studios in Pasadena, California. His work in the “World Music” genre has been recognized for collaborating with “Dead Can Dance” singer Lisa Gerrard on albums like “Departum”, and “Twilight Kingdom”. Marcello has also reached critical acclaim on the film music side of the business for creating numerous soundtrack scores to films like “Samsara” (sequel to “Baraka”), and most recently the Weinstein Co.’s Western, “Jane Got A Gun”, starring Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor. Bahar Shah has performed on multiple projects for Marcello De Francisci including the album “Ante Diem” and films like “Styria” -AKA- “Angels of Darkness” starring Stephen Rea (The Crying Game & V For Vendetta) for Showtime, “The Gift”, which was shot in Afghanistan for director Tarique Qayumi, and “The Last Sentinel” for the Sci Fy Channel.

Please address any inquiries to: info@10kwattsofiron.com


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